the one thing I’ve learned from starting a business is that competition is not the way to go

I sell deodorants as a side job, and I mostly sell it to stores, physical or online stores.

I’ve see many different people, people who didn’t pay for so little, people who were always anxious to get the products, people who would weight them.

But to me, competition has been the thing that struck me so much.
I’ve seen people accepting doing an unfavourable discount.
I’ve seen people opening stores in front of each others.

How can this competition be sane and sound? How could you think even for a split second that this way you would’ve won?

Competition is ok when we talk about innovation, not when we talk about selling the same thing on the same street.

It deep red ocean, and you’re gonna fail.

In fact, this made me realize that competition shouldn’t be seen from a naive perspective.
Competition is not harsh, when it is, then you’re working on the wrong side of the competition, the one where you lose your mind.

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