your fragility is your strength

Are there things that annoy you?
I do have them, and from time to time I honestly get pissed off because of them.

I’m fragile, meaning that my humor is fragile. Things happen in my life and my humor gets pumped up or down depending on who’s talking.

But if I stop, breathe, and think about it, I realize that this is a good moment to learn, to learn why these things piss me off.

Let me share an example: I have a friend who doesn’t give clear answers and therefore sometimes you ask him a question and you don’t get a real answer, and you’re left with this bittersweet sensation that you were better if you didn’t ask at all.

I am always pissed off by this and the reason I don’t like it is that I can’t have a normal conversation with him.
Now, this is the superficial reason, it’s the easiest to find and the easiest to discuss.

If I ask myself the question deeply I know that the answer is quite different.
In those cases I’m not in a position of power.
And it pisses me off because I’m not the one leading the game.

That is the reason.
I am frustrated because things don’t work out the way I wanted. Which is a nice way of understanding that I still got work to do.

Keep in mind that getting to such answer is not easy. You will always feel like the good answer would be the first one, but it’s usually your ego talking.
If the first answer assumes that you’re right, then it’s probably ego-based.

Getting deeper means seeing the world from a different angle, and in the end question yourself.
This fragility of emotion is your best friend to understand what are the rough edges you still need to fix.

Face it.

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