the tyranny of beauty

Today a famous social media girl posted a photo where she showed her “curves” with the attached message of “you don’t need to be a top girl”.

Few days ago a famous female singer did the same.

Aside from the fact that both the aforementioned girls were in perfect body condition with no evidence of them being overweight (they might not be a perfect 90-60-90, but they are nowhere imperfect as we would expect from someone fat), the thing that made me thinking was the first comment below the photo.

It was of a woman who said that we’re still talking about beauty, instead of focusing on other qualities.
And she was damn right.

How can we expect to change our expectations about beauty and its importance if beauty is always on our mind? If we still talk about the many body differences, we’re still talking about beauty, aesthetics and so on.
We’re not done, we’re not over it.

Why don’t we talk about curiosity, empathy, intelligence?
Those are elements we should also talk about, but beauty seems to come first.
And it is first because, after all, it matters to many of the people in the world.

We care because beauty seems related to love, success, passion, sex.
And how can we exclude it from our mind if its so deeply connected with what our current life is about?

You rarely see a tv show with ugly people in it. There might be overweight people, but they’re still beautiful, maybe not super-hot, but you know they’re good.
It’s hard, I know, but it’s the same as saying to your children “you are so beautiful”.

By saying that you’re implicitly teaching the importance of being beautiful and the bliss that might come from it.
And so beauty becomes an element of value and comparison, the main one.

Because many parents will say it again and again, day after day, forgetting that if they do like this they are modeling their child towards a beauty-first attitude.
He/She might not learn the value and importance of all the other skillset that she/he has.

And the worst thing might come if she/he is actually beautiful, because then it would be normal to follow the path that’s been already drawn for you, the road is so easy, so clear, so simple, why wouldn’t anyone follow it?

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