women’s lights and the reality of disco

A dear friend taught me a not-so-profound lesson on women one day.

He told me that sometimes you watch them and they look so beautiful, but that beauty is because you are distracted by the lights.
If you’ll look closely they won’t be so beautiful.

But which lights? He was referring to make-up and nice dresses.
They distract, they hide, they improve. And it works.

Given the fact that, as a man, I’m inclined of not taking a long look at them (since I’m not a stalker), it’s easy to fall in this trap and be tricked.
And it’s not that they want to trick men so much, it’s just the way the social world is right now.

Aesthetics play a big role in today society, it’s important, it’s relevant, and it’s the core of flirting (and this way before I even existed), so I’m ok with it. But you have always to think twice.

Then there’s another topic related to this. Yesterday I was at a club and we were dancing, and I recalled all the times we went into a club with my friends (men and women). Sometimes people would flirt with our friends, sometimes not.

I looked at all the people in the club and realized that we are all the same. They are all a group of friends that went to dance in a club.
With their stories, with their love, with their hope to meet someone new or to leave at home the bad news.

Whenever you meet someone, whatever the situation, remember: they have their story, like you have. Don’t treat them worse because you don’t know their stories.
Always treat them as if their stories matter to you.

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