don’t treat you well when you’re feeling down, do the opposite 

Today I took a nice coffee at the bar below. I was a little stressed out because of work and I though “I need something good” and I took a coffee.

From an external perspective this seems great, but then I realized that if we add these reinforcements whenever we are a little bit stressed then we both reinforce the need of “candies” and we consider the stressed situation a tolerable condition, which shouldn’t be.

We should be fully stressed with no way of diminishing the effects.
This way we would understand the full implications of being stressed, of loosing the sensitivity to life and so on.

If we calm down our stress, even for a few minutes, we forget what life and work with a purpose is all about: having passion.
Not a passion of “doing the work you dreamed of”, no. It’s enough to love the work you do, even if it’s not your dream job.

But if we don’t feel the stress we might forget it and accept the situation and we honestly shouldn’t.

Our body reacts to pain, and so should we.

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