appreciating the simple

They teach us that competition is good, that we must overachieve, that results are key for a successful life.

They teach that success is based upon money, respect, a still many people in the world continue to seek inner peace, something outside the very definition of success.

In our world success is defined by what you have outside and not inside. It’s not defined by how you react, how you think, how you live inside your mind and your heart, but instead of how many things you own and you conquered.

It may sound zen, because when we talk about our inner self there’s always this prejudice, but it’s much more complex than that.
What we leave for our legacy won’t be money.

Money won’t continue our dream, money won’t leave a trace, but an idea, a way of life will, if that way of living is beautiful.

If that way of living is honest, profound and empathic then it might leave a trace in other people and then continue to build its legacy.

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