the magic of self help

When you don’t know self help you expect it to be like “Some guys being over positive”.

Then you make your fist encounter. It’s exciting, you never saw so much energy in someone. You realize you envy them a little bit. You envy their success too.

They got a solution you think.
And they sell you that solution.

Now the selfhelp is no more a simple overpositive guy, but it’s a guy who’s name is alex that has a solution for you.
And you like that solution.

But that is only the tip of an iceberg. Soon enough you’ll find that there are many alex in the world, and all of them have the perfect solution for your life.

Each of these solutions will change your life forever. And some of them might really do it.

But you know what? Your solution is a work you must do.
Self help is just a starting point to learn some basics, but from there on it’s up to you.

Self help doesn’t cover introverts for example. Either you’re extrovert or you’re out.
And what about people that don’t want a super-big success? not for them.

We are all different, and we do need different solution.
But there’s nobody that can help us aside from ourselves.

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