From time to time we use memes or catchphrases to make jokes.
They’re funny and they work.

But what if we’re removing dialog and expression? What if we’re oversimplifying life?

I think they are nice if they are spot on, if they are used at the right moment in a contextual manner. As a continuous repetition? I dunno if they would be so perfect, although they work for some people (but not for me).

I think abusing them is a way to reduce life to other terms instead of living it fully. I’m not judging it, but I wonder if at the end of the day all those phrases will be worth it or not.

One thing I really loved learning is how James Altucher use words at his best. He thinks that he only has 1000 words PER DAY to use, so he prefer to stay silent and use them wisely.
It’s one of the things I’ve loved about his book (although the book is really “american” in the way he presents things and regarding goals and vision. Still a great book btw).

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