we leave the job for the boss, not for the work

I read this today and it really opened my eyes.
It’s rarely the work the problem, if people get fed up with their work, it’s mostly because of the boss or the workplace, it’s always a human problem, not a technical, not a thing about complexity.

It all starts with human.

And the strange thing about all this is that it’s not new. We’ve always had this problem and we’re not even close to fixing it. years have passed and although some companies are better than others, we still have a long way to go.

Why is that?
Because we don’t treat people with kindness and because we don’t respect them enough.
Let’s be clear: Respect in both ways. Both from employer and employee.

Today I got the news that a friend needed to make a rule like “we don’t pay you if you don’t finish the job” and it’s such a sad thing that we even need something like this.

It all starts with respect, maximum dedication, and kindness.
Are we too lazy to realize it?

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