on sharing what you learned and the amazon reviews

Today I updated the system that runs my blogs and I encountered some issues.

After that, I rapidly wrote a small post regarding how to fix them.

I always search google, and some time I don’t always find what I want.
When I do find it, I forget about it really fast, but it’s clear that without the search results I would often be hopeless.

Sharing how you do things is much like the amazon reviews. It allows people to get a greater knowledge of a topic, of a problem, of a product.
In the old times sharing was all about word of mouth which was restricted by the place you lived in.

There were no ways to compare prices, no ways to know if a product was good and so on.
Now we can compare it, although we’ll have to grow apart from the fake reviewers syndrome.

That’s why sharing is critical. It allow us to move even further, to help others.

PS: the fake reviewers syndrome is that issue you see on some amazon products.
Basically companies send free products to try it out, and you see these amazing reviews, super-long, extensively detailed, that are too good to be true.

They’re not fake per se, but it’s unusual. Rarely you would spend that much time in reviewing a product. In real life it could be compared to talking for like 20 minutes on a kitchen table, which, you know, it’s crazy.

Also, they’re often good and don’t show the bad sides enough, they are not critics enough.
This will probably be the next step in the consumer review industries, avoid the fake reviews.

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