being pacifist and being pacific

There are wars in this world. War we cannot end. But there are also war that we fight daily, war about our judgement, our ideas, our lives.

A dear friend of mine dreamed of a man who told her “You’re a pacific girl, not a pacifist”. Note the difference, think deeply about the difference.

Being pacific means you fight your own causes, when needed. Being pacific means that you avoid war at all cost.

Pacifism is good, but it’s also a bit naive. It reminds us of our childhood when we thought everything was possible.
Peace in the world? Possible.
Stop sickness? Possible?

Then we grew up, and became more cynic, less human. We forgot the dreams because they couldn’t be real.
When you think about fighting you also think about people destroying other things. But fighting can also be as simple as refusing a condition, because we should set the bar higher.

Higher than usual at least.

Expect the best, not the max, from the people you love, and accept it wholeheartedly.
The best meant in a human way, not in a “result” KPI way.
We should and must aim to become better in this world. Learning how to discuss, learning how to fight without fighting.

It will be hard as with many other things, but it will be worth it nonetheless.

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