anger and your heartbeat

I bought a mi band 2, it’s a nifty little smartband that does a few things like measuring your heartbeat, steps and so on.

So I did wonder: How does my heartbeat change when I’m angry?

Result: It doesn’t.

I did have like 67 bpm when I was angry.
Truth to be told I wasn’t super angry, but I was sure upset.

It’s obvious that if I was super angry and I was shouting maybe the heartbeat count would’ve been higher, but in this special case it wasn’t and I realized one thing.

That anger doesn’t exist.
It only exists emotionally, you get your stomach upside down, but aside from that, your body isn’t aware of it.
You feel the tension, but it doesn’t get to your heart, and that’s quite a thing to consider.

That energy is useless and nonexistent. It doesn’t show, nor it does help, that kind of anger has no positive value.

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