your pace

What is your pace? Do you go too fast, too slow? So and so?

Your pace is defined by how much pressure you can sustain, it’s like “risk tolerance” but for life speed.
It defines how much time you take to think through something, how fast or slow your decisions are.
That is your pace. Something that is inherently you, that partly defines who you are.

Can you change it? Yes.

Is it worth changing? It depends.
We often think that we should always change, to become better.
But to define what better is we must first understand what are our qualities, what makes you strong.

The pace you live your life could be only a characteristic that defines you, not a limit. It’s a way to express. Look at it through these lenses, and evaluate if that is worth changing or no.

One thing is the pace, another thing is reactivity. Don’t confuse them.

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