have limited proactivity

When you work in a fast environment it’s key to be proactive, to anticipate problems and issues. It’s common knowledge and there is also some kind of expectation about proactivity.

Proactivity is good, because it avoids issues.

But there is a limit to your proactivity and that limit is based on time, energy and your mind.
If you are proactive about too many things, about issues and problems that are far from the place you work on, then as with willpower, you’ll end up in a burnout.

You have to learn when to limit proactivity. When the effort is not worth it, when you can’t benefit from the result in any way, when the effort is too much and you’ll end up damaging your actual interests.

Those are the moments when you should think twice before being proactive.
And beware of ego, because “not caring” it’s quite easy to do, but in this case we’re not talking about avoiding things because you don’t feel to, but avoiding the ones that will damage you in the long run.

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