my 9/11

How did you change from the 9/11? I surely did change.

I lived in a different apartments (at that time with my parents) and was much more selfish than now.
I still have a long way to go, but I wasn’t very empathic.

I remember to be surprised of the attack, and sadly I also laughed because I thought that americans always felt a bit too much powerful and now there was someone letting them know to have a lower profile.

I am not proud of this.
Maybe I would think the same today, because partly I recognize that the whole work for the army is often useless, but I wouldn’t laugh at all.

An attack like that is terrible in countless ways and it shouldn’t be argument for a laugh.

My change didn’t relied on this attack, I changed for many reason, and lots of things happened. But I remember that moment clearly, with every detail set in my mind, and every 9/11 I come back to it.

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