the joy of running

My chiropractor told me that I need to run a little bit. I still don’t know why, but today I started.

Since I’m a big believer of the barefoot walking/running, I put my xeroshoes and went for a run.
It was my first serious barefoot run. In the past I did some running, but never got to do stick with it.

Maybe a friend would ask me if I wanted to join him, but that habit never stuck.
What was different today is that running barefoot is a lot harder than it seems.

While I am faster and feel more athletic, the muscles I use are totally different and new to me (and therefore, still to be trained), the result of this is that now I feel like a newbie. All the muscles are hurting.

In the end it was a pleasant experience, and I wonder what the learning curve for a decent running in barefoot-mode will be.

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