the post I did not write

Today I was about to publish a post about beauty.
I read a message on Facebook of a friend who went to a course to learn how to use a natural acid to improve the beauty of face, hand and body.

I honestly thought that in a world where we spend very much time fighting for rights, for not abusing animal, we lost ourselves behind the beauty part of the world.

Then I also realized something.
It’s easy to overcriticize to judge too much, and it’s not that I’m the one having all the truth in the world.

It’s my opinion and it’s my right to share it, but it’s in no way the perfect opinion. Some might dissent, some might agree. It often depends which side you are on.

For example many of us (even myself in the past) spend much time behind the beauty part. Caring, exaggerating. And we do it constantly.

We need to care, but how much of that is overcaring? When do we learn the limit?

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