do you ever feel out of place because of your age?

I rarely do. In fact I don’t recall a moment where my age was an issue for me.

That “for me” is probably the key. What if you want to go to a club but you’re too old? You won’t go because you would feel out of place.

That’s correct, and if I were to identify some kind of problem I would say that either you are forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t belong to you anymore, or you simply are worrying too much about what people might think of you.

While writing this part I also realized another thing: in both cases, it’s all about you.
Even if there was a problem with other people, it’s up to you how to deal with it, what to do and if and when get involved with “being too old”.

I think every age has its own beauty, and in my personal opinion we should live them acknowledging their issue and their strong points, because otherwise we risk to live too much in the past, trying to recall a “young version” of us that doesn’t exist anymore.

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