ipnotic selling

There is such a thing like hypnotic marketing, they sell it like this, and it’s truly hypnotic.

But I don’t like the idea. I like honest proposal, honest information, and I want to prove that there’s a way to that. That we can scale slowly and in control, that a business isn’t only defined by its exponential growth.

We have been accustomed to the example of startups. Companies that grows by 100x in one month.
That’s everyone’s dream. But after that growth you grow the company, and the growth is unmatched.
The decline begins.
You hustle to find another source for a 100x multiplier, and you may or may not find it.

If not, you’re probably paying too many people and you need to fire some of them. People you were close to.
You say goodbye, and maybe you find a good dimension for your company, maybe you find a niche to fit in, a niche that does respect your work and love your ideals.

Can we skip the 100x multiplier please? Thanks.

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