are you sure?

Being sure today is a sign of power. If you are sure of what you’re saying, or at least behave like that, people will think you’re right.

It is great because this allow people to grow a bigger self esteem that is useful, though a question should be asked: at what price?

Today being right feels like it’s really important, isn’t it? I think we somewhat miss the value that’s behind doubting yourself.

It allows you to grow and learn, to evaluate the many point of views of the world.

And while it may sound fantastic it has a gigantic drawback: you need a stable and strong self esteem to continuously doubt yourself: if you don’t have it, it’ll soon grow old and you’ll eventually come back to the old version of you.

Here it lies the second trap: being wrong or even doubting yourself is not a sign of disonor. Instead it is a sign of growth, but we are so accustomed to deduce that if we have the wrong solution we are wrong too.

We aren’t. Only the solution is wrong. Doubting yourself doesn’t mean that you’re worthless.

It means you’re worthy.

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