no palm oil, but yes petrol

Some prefer to avoid palm oil.

It destroys the world, they say, and they’re right. Palm oil is often abused, the way it’s produced needs to be more in control, we all need to be more aware.

That said, palm oil is a fraction of the problem.

What about petrol? You’re still driving your car, aren’t you?
How do you plan to get rid of that?

Leaving palm oil seems quite easy. It’s all about choosing different products, but did you think about what will change once the production will shift to different products?
other oils are less efficient than palm oil, it means that once the same amount of production will be required because people are buying it, we’ll use up to 7 times the space we’d need with palm oil.

And we’re yet to touch the issue.
The issue is that leaving palm oil, as I said, it is easy. You don’t sacrifice a thing.
You switch and that’s all.

But what about petrol, or other things in your life that damage the world.
What about the chinese shirt or gadget that you buy?
People died for that. How do you think it’s possible to get for 1€ something that would be priced at least 5 times more?
They’re are not making us a favour because they’re generous. They are abusing of people and you’re contributing to this.

And your car? Oh, reducing palm oil is fine, but driving is ok too right? Or eating meat, or whatever.

We can change products, but if you look closely the problem will still remain and you know what?
We are the problem. That’s why it won’t go away.

The change must not be in what we buy but in how we buy and in how much we consume, how much food we trash before using it, how much useless things we buy.

All those things require a big shift in the way you think and that is why it’s so difficult.
You can’t just switch to another product.

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