as long as you choose there are not bad choices

Today I’ve had the pleasure to talk to a colleague that I highly respect.
He told me about the old company he worked for, many people left, but some stayed there, keeping the company up and working.

It’s a hard business, and things go down faster than you can predict (when they do). he told me.
Yet he also said to me that if the people stayed in the company for a good reason, then it’s not a bad choice, as long as you know why you are staying.

The issue lies with people not being aware of their choices. We often choose by chance or destiny, leaving the choice to other people.
But if we are informed and aware, no choice is bad.
Yes, other people might not agree, and that’s alright.
We have a vision and in that vision that choice fits.

Want to change work? If you are aware of what’s happening all’s good.
Change life? same as before.

Every decision can be good as long as you know what are you going after and as long as you don’t lie to yourself.

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