the guide we seek

We are always hunting for new articles, new resources, new tools and techniques to improve, isn’t it?

The new year resolutions are part of this process. You want to change because you feel constrained, limited, while your ideal self would be limitless, powerful, rich.

Therefore a guide is needed, because how in the world do you expect to change if you didn’t have a clue right now?
After all, if you could change by yourself you would’ve done it months ago, right?

Therefore we seek new truths in articles, tutorials, guides, workshops, online programs and so on.
Tutorial to guide us in the process of reaching our goals, of being the ideal self we always dreamed and, _eventually, reach the inner peace.

In all this process sometimes we forget to ask ourselves the question: “What am I doing wrong? What does my body/mind says?”
Listening to yourself, analyzing what you do, thinking about your life, is a missing step.

We want teachings, but we forget to understand ourselves, the only medium that’s got to change.
And if we want to change maybe it’s worth a shot.
Maybe listening to what our body says, our mind says, would help us understand.
Maybe looking at what you did in a year will allow you to find the pitfalls of your behaviour.

Yes, a new strategy might help you out and it might make a change.
But what’s the price of being able to discover it by yourself?
What’s the price of being able to adapt with no guidance at all?
To improve, with no tutorials, guides whatsoever?

There are so many things we have learned with no guidance, with no help, and we don’t remember them because most of them are not skill we consider “worthy”.
But we nonetheless learned them.

Maybe it’s time to look as if we are the first day at a new office for a new work.
Everything is possible, we know nothing, but we know we can learn it.

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