the slow eating movement

Today I ate alone, and for what matters: it was awesome.

What I usually miss out when I’m with friends is that I’m too far concerned about speaking and my attention is 100% dedicated to them.
Eating alone, on the other hand, allows me to focus on one thing: eating.

It was hard to avoid checking the iPhone, talking to someone, or even watching the people passing by.
Those minutes simply eating were kind of a mindful action I tried to accomplish, with a not so great result.

This is a good start to make a good healthy habit that will allow me to decompress and be more present.
In the last days I’ve also noticed that I’m mostly “checking” websites without a reason why, which is bad and it’s mostly caused by my will to “be on the top”, except for the fact that “buying things” doesn’t put you at the top, aside from being a high-spending person.

With that in mind, I’ll have to think of a plan to take care of this too. Maybe creating some “office-hours” where some websites are banned, or even considering them only few days a month might be a good solution.

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