do the boring things

In a world where the startups takes all the spotlight it’s common to think that our ideal work should be always shiny, always intriguing, always super fantastic.

We feel entitled to be the ones, the ones that will make the difference, because we have such a great skillset that we can truly make the difference.

Online courses, schools, all focus on teaching us the importance of being over the top, extraordinary, amazing.
And yet they all fail to teach us that in each work, there’s boring stuff to do.

They fail to teach us that being determined and move through that boring stuff is a requirement of life.
We have paperwork, repetitive tasks.
Whatsapp once described their work in a fabulous way, they told that their work is common stuff, they don’t do always the shiny things, but focus on the good maintenance, the boring stuff that makes things continue to work.

And good work is also this, boring.
That boring part will eventually lead you to success, because without it, you’d simply fail.
No one in the world has become successful without facing the boring work.
Maybe they paid someone to do it, maybe they didn’t.
But in all cases, they faced it.

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