we’re missing the tribals and the samurais

I was watching “The Crown” yesterday and there’s a scene where a man from africa kiss the feet of the newborn queen Elizabeth to give his condolences to her.

After this, all the men and women start saying a phrase out loud together. Like a ritual.

Right now when someone dies we give our condolences, maybe we go to the funeral, but that’s it. We don’t recognize death and its appearances like people did before, in tribal groups or samurais.

There was some kind of “Honor” that made them different. The way they respected death and treated the people who lost their ones.

Now death is part of our lives so much we forget too consider it. We see death on tv shows so often that death itself is a common concept. Not something big to understand, but something small that passes by.

That respect was also some kind of mindfulness they had that we are continuing to lose.

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