is it your property?

There’s a video about Denmark that’s becoming viral these days.
Each Facebook page decided to redo the subtitles or to simply copy another video and share it again.

Given the structure of the video itself its growth is continuing forward, but what I don’t like is the fact that this video has no ownership whatsoever.

What is the source? The origin?
I’d like to make them popular than other companies.

Few days ago an italian musician said that once you create music that is not your music, but it’s something that belongs to everyone. That was such a nice thought, but thinking back at it in this situation I feel we’re missing the point.

People are gaining money through this kind of sharing.
And this would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that they aren’t adding any value, any experience, nothing.

They are echoing the original message, that’s it.

Even if the message is beautiful I see this actions like “stealing”, like abusing the wonderful freedom the internet is giving us, only to gain some more followers, popularity and, in the end, money.

It’s another form of invisible bad marketing.
If you thought we learned from our errors, fear not, we didn’t.

People are still continuing to pursue marketing with money as their only goal.
Not everyone of course, but the fact that a video with a positive message hides the fact that people are using it to gain popularity is one of the worst things I can do because we become tools into someone else plan.

And by sharing it we think that we did something good, and that’s partly true, but that’s not the end of the story.
We spread some kind of cancer, without us knowing, without us asking again where does this come from.
Who deserves the glory and the praise for this work?

Are we helping them? Or are we supporting other people that might not share the same goals and interest?

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