how to ask for a favour

Today I asked a dear friend a favour. Well, not really a favour, but I wanted her to be the one making the photos at my wedding.

And it was hard, because I wanted to express all the gratitude, all the magic that led me to wish for this.
It was hard because she’s a friend, and I didn’t want her to put into a strange situation.

But yet, I did ask her.
And to do it I tried to put it simply, ask her and tell her why it’s important to me, why I like her style, why she should take time to evaluate the decision and consider it from all the point of views.

It went well, although she didn’t still say yes. But it was good.

Asking for help is something to be learned, and I hope I can improve over and over again, by being even more empathetic, even more resonant with the person I’m talking to.

Too often I’ve missed their emotions, and I hope to learn as fast as I can how to recognize them.

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