courage means being able to do the opposite

I started watching Thirteen (Reason why), on Netflix, I’m still on the first half of the show, but what made me think was the scene where the main character drinks a liter of beer because “Of the group”.

We’ve all been there, all our friends tells us “Come on, be like us, enjoy life like us, be happy like us”, and you follow that lead. You follow them because you trust them, you follow them because you don’t want to let them down.
You follow them, even though sometimes it’s not the best choice and deep inside you even know this.

You have that gut feeling at least once in your life, right?
Or maybe you didn’t and that’d be fine too.

But we all fell for this trick. It’s not their fault.
If they’re good friends, they are asking for your sake, because they sincerely think you’ll be happier, that you’ll have fun.

But what is courage?
A person I know once asked a dear friend of mine to do something crazy.
This friend is a person that doesn’t do crazy things anymore.

So, what’s courage for him?
I’d say that he would have courage if he did something crazy, but by himself.
If we are following a lead, we are not showing courage, but weaknesses to other opinions. We are following the lead.

Courage means doing something outside of your comfort zone by yourself, no help or pressure from the outside.
If it’s the outside that guides you, that forces you into a way, that is not courage, at least for me.

It’s a form of passively accepting, of submission, of depression.
The greatest courage is the one you don’t need to show, tell, or even repeat.
The greatest courage is hidden to the eyes.

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