we need to consume less

In the easter moments like this I always think about consuming less.
We’re too far involved into a society that press us to consume more, build more, destroy more.

But this is not sustainable. An example? “Vegnanism”. Being vegan is probably unsustainable in the long term. Replacing meat with legumes might not be enough for 7 billions people.
Do we have enough fields? Can we sustain a business like that?

While obviously we can try, I think we are missing the main valid point that people that are vegan propose to the world: We are mass producing and mass killing animals and the food waste is too much.

Now in italy we all fear the palm oil, and ingredient we didn’t care for in 20 years now has become our main enemy.
But is that true? I think our main enemy is how much food we consume and waste each day. That is something we should really consider to change how the food industry is acting.

Less food, less animals will be killed, more chances of sustainability.
We can’t think of using up the resources of this world to 100%, we should consume less to allow room for growth.

Why don’t we do this? We’re used to this kind of “richness”. We’re used to see kitchen tables full of food, we’re used to big homes and to services that deliver us foods with lots of waste elements (plastic, etc).

The paradox?
It’s easier to become vegan because it doesn’t challenge ourselves but only the world.

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