how facebook hid our most beautiful emotions

Let’s say you went out with a couple of friends tonight.
Let’s say you really enjoyed it.

Well, what might happen is that when you get back home you write on facebook some melanchonic post like “And then you have _nights like this, beautiful, blalal”.

Who was the beneficiary of that post?
Who were you writing to?

Fact is, the real value of that post could be grasped only by the friends that were with you.
And what’s more depressing is that if you write it directly to them it would give meaning it would give power to the words you were saying.

Yes, saying it to the crowd make it more likely to get “Likes” but in this way we lost emotion.
Because a post like that was intended to create joy, and even if it does create a little bit of it, it’s an order of magnitude less than what it could be if it was written directly to the right people.

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