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I see so many coaches out there. Wonderful profession but I wonder if we did take that too far.

All the movement on optimism, recharging, whatever, do we need this?
If we do, why?

Why can’t we be able to auto-recharge? I feel like the whole coaching industry is trying to cure a symptom and not an illness and therefore providing a cure that only last for a charge.
After the charge is gone, like a drug, you need more.

It doesn’t feel like a cure, more like an addiction, and how could you know the difference? What signals do we have to identify this as a problem and not as a solution when all the coaching industry shows is that they “give you a solution”?

It’s hard, honestly. I did follow and trusted most of the coaching industry and I’m not saying it’s all faulted.

But if you start thinking about the fact that you need to recharge, you need to participate to be again “happy”, then something must be wrong, some pieces are missing from the puzzle, and that piece that’s missing is your ability to autorepair yourself.

The ability to understand your errors, to learn and adapt. An ability that should be part of the human genome is now hidden by our fears, by our indecision.

Happiness is a formula that cannot be casted upon us.
We can enjoy moments with other people, but in the end happiness is a personal fact.

No coaching can teach you that.
They can give you good moments. But happiness can only be found outside of those moments, in the good and bad parts of life, by appreciating what you have and what you have not.

By not hiding the bad facts, by not living under the fake sun of fake-smile and by  learning that life will always be different for everyone.
No formula is needed, no solution required.

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