Share your point of view

Let’s say you have a problem and you need to solve them.

You might ask for help, and that would be a good idea in case you can’t solve it by yourself.

But one thing you should keep in mind: always share your overall issue, don’t only share the problem. So for example in case you’re running late for an important meeting don’t simply ask your driver to go faster, they can’t relate to your need unless they are living in a fast and furious movie.

Tell them your struggle, why it’s important, how that simple action would help you so much, how it’ll affect your life.

Share that the meeting is important because if it goes well it might help you change your career path and work more closely to home, helping you to stay with your children.

People are willing to help in exchange for a story, for a glimpse of your life, and the reason behind this is that all we want in life is a little bit of empathy.

In a world full of social media that depicts humanity being able to get really in touch with a human is something both rare and special. Anyone who’s not a jackass will know that and try to help you in the way they can.

Share that little story today.

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