The “bad list”

I am a blood donor and few days ago I went to donate some blood. Each time you go there they ask you a round of questions like 

  • Unprotected sex
  • Traveling to risky places
  • Contamination with other’s people blood
  • Tattoos, etc…

What I realized is that this list is a list of all the things that could poison your blood, but more than this it’s a list of all the bad things you are better aware about.

You can’t be naive about these issues, you have to know them so you can act accordingly. And It’s clear that for a young guy it’s hard to be aligned with theses values. When we’re young we want to be reckless, to try new things. But it’s only when you grow that you start liking the safe side of life. 

The side where you’re aware of what you do, the consequences, and you choose a clear path.

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