the courage to live your life

I was at a friend wedding last saturday.
It was a hot sunny day and there were lots of guests at the wedding.

It wasn’t deadly hot like it is today, but the sun was still doing its job at making us sweating.

The friends of the bride & groom are a big, enormous, group of friends. All tied together by the same small city they live in, by the same history.

They played together, they all stayed together, when they were young.

I knew few of them, they’re all nice people.
And in this group, now with moms & babies, there was once a couple that after staying together for something like 10 years, after all that they decided to break up.

I suppose it wasn’t easy, I suppose it did take time. But here they were at the same wedding, both with their new partner.One of the old couple partnered with another person of the big group.
The other found a partner outside it.

I thought how hard it must’ve been to handle all this, to reach this point of  calm when everything is fine. To live your own life.
And in this, you must have a lot of courage, because the road you once walked is now lost and to live your own life you have to go into a new unpaved road, a road you don’t know nor understand.

A 100% mistery road with an unknown destination.

It takes courage to do this, and it takes courage to show up in the same group and finding the strength to make all of this happen, this kind of “we can all be in the same group without destroying it”.

Yes, maybe they aren’t the same friends as before, maybe they don’t look at the stars together.
To me it’s always strange to see them apart, although now I understand that they weren’t meant to be together. I felt the difference.

But aside from this, I highly respect both of them for being able to live this kind of life, to go the unknown route and sticking with it without looking back.

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