the strongest of all

The strongest of all isn’t the biggest, nor is the one that makes more noise.

His/Her power resides in the way he thinks and acts.

The strongest of all is happy for others if they are happy, and looks at them with respect when they succeed in the small things.

He doesn’t compare, because he knows that we all come from a different story. 
The strongest of all won’t win a punch battle, but will surely know what hurts the most, because he’s been hurt.

The strongest of all won’t deny his dreams, and at the same time will recognize his limits, knowing the boundaries between dreaming and lazyness, between hoping and cowardry.

The strongest is not the wisest, yet he knows things. He has experience and has empathy to share and teach. He’s not the best, yet he’s better than you.

He’s not something you can become in one life, but you can try.

The strongest is the part you are not freeing, the part that’s hiding, the part you fear.
Not because of its power, but because of the price you’d have to pay.

Because everything has a price, even being the strongest, and we might not be ready to pay its toll yet.

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