the tastes from the old days

Today I ate some pine beans (dunno if that’s the correct name, in italy we call them “Pinoli”, it’s the fruit of the pine, the seed thanks to which new pines grow).

They are delicious to me, and they remind me of that time when me and my granpa went to the school garden searching for the pines fruit.

It was great.

But while I was eating it I noticed that it’s quite a complex flavour, something one might not be accustomed to.
And if you think about it that’s the main problem when you eat something that’s not belonging to your home world.

The first time I drank miso-soup I hate it. It was disgusting.

Now I love miso soup and the reason why is that I started understanding the flavour and getting accustomed to all the nuances that are in it.
The point is: the world is full of flavours and tastes. Each unique, each special. What we think might be “bad” is something we’re not accustomed to.

Get accustomed, accept its flavour as part of your personal scale of flavours, and you’ll start loving it.

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