kids don’t care

I was at the hospital when a indian child waived her hands towards another kid passing by.

Right next to me there was this family of women and daughters, all waiting for their turn at the hospital. We were all  the same waiting room. 

After the child waived her hands they continued to talk in indian and then, after some minutes, the teenager girl come to me to ask for help about an issue with the smartphone of her mother.

She told me this in a perfect italian, with a beautiful accent from florence.

To my knowledge she was 100% italian by the way she spoke. 
Seeing this, listening to people from other cultures speak and integrate into our land gives me hope.

Because it’ll take time to bury all the hatred, to hide all the fear of diversity. To finally destroy racism in all forms.

It’ll take time to become like the small indian girl waiving her hand. 
Children don’t care for race. They waive, they greet, they laugh together.

Audults? Not the same way. We fear diversity, we don’t embrace it.

I suppose it’ll take time to allow all these different cultures to belong to italy, or even tuscany.
We’ll need one or two generations more to consider them italians. 
In 100 years the teenager that speak with a tuscan accent will grow her children, and all the family will then speak italian with a tuscan accent.

Then we’ll have a family, with a bloodline that comes from indian, but that, at least for some of us, will be eventually considered 100% italian and maybe at that time we, the adults, will start waiving our hands again, towards different races, without worrying.

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