quality over quantity

It’s such a common title that it’s almost abused. Quality over quantity means to focus on the form. And it through a new course about bodyweight workout that I rediscovered this.

The attention over quality made me wonder if all the work I did was worth the trouble. Well, it was. I do things unimaginable for me years ago, but yet I feel like I needed this change in pace.

The hard thing about working on quality is to resist the tendency to fall back onto quantity. Accept the limit.

Because quantity often means pushing the limits, while quality means reaching the boundaries of our maximum limit.
Two different strategies that can make a difference in both cases and that are tooootally different when compared.

Talking about limits I remember one day a chat with a girl about writing.
At that time I was solely focused on writing when inspired. If I wasn’t in the mood then I wouldn’t write. 
We talked about it and she disagreed. Reason was that for her my behaviour was like a painter pretending to not have limits. To have an infinite amout of paper to draw on.
Restrictions on the other side, she told me, allow you to focus your creativity and work onto filling the missing pieces.

Quality, over quantity.

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