running together

I have to admit that I didn’t value that much running, let alone running together, but I have to say it: it’s great.

Great, but not for the reasons you might think.
Right now many people run, and what often happens is that they get a couple of experiences through running. One of them is that their brain is more relaxed because of the effect of the “drugs” released by their body because of running.

It’s quite common to want to repeat this experience because of this sensation. It’s much like a drug, and as many humans, we fall for it. We start repeating it because we love it, bla bla bla.
Instead of thinking “what can I do to achieve this status outside running?”

I’m digresisng

The second part is that people experience a growing distance, during running, between them and their problems. They feel afar, and thus they end up worry less.

Right now, running for us has a different effect. Since it’s a very relaxed run, we often talk, take it easy. We get to enjoy the autumn trees that are slowly changing their colors from a bright green to a luminescent yellow. We get to see the stars, or even animals running free in the nearby “forest”. 

It’s not running, it’s enjoying the world, and that’s the reason I love it. Enjoy the world with the person I love is one of the best things I could wish for.

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