the trick to a magic phrase

Today me and my GF went to find a dear friend who also happens to be one of those people that always has a catchy phrase ready for you.

One of the oldest he gave us was “we’re made of the things we love”.

Today we went visiting him to talk about our wedding and he gave us another phrase which sounded like this

“In life you have 10 closed doors. The first 3 can be opened with 2 virtues”

The virtues are Humility and kindness. The trick is that in fact all the doors in the story can be opened with these 2 virtues.
Would the phrase be catchy if he told us 
“In life you have 10 closed doors, and you can open all of them with 2 virtues”.

Nope, the negative space in the story adds magic, and even though in the end this is a trick, it’s a great one.

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