black friday crazyness and the issue with getting into the right box

Today is the black friday, a day made for spending money.

People all over the world wait for this day so spend a loooot of money.
But to me this black friday was different. I used it to unsubscribe to all newsletters.

And it was magic.

Because during black friday eveyrone is doing some sort of promotion so you always end up with the inbox clutered with tons of email. I think today I received 20, 30 maybe.

And guess what? I unsubscribed.

I realized many of the newsletter I was waiting for did only steal my time, didn’t add value and, to be honest, didn’t interest me that much.

The other problem with black friday is that if you’re the one sending emaisl for marketing you must know how to get past the noise. How can you attract attention so that your email gets read.

I favour much more spontaneus “black friday” days made up by companies to avoid this issue, like amazon prime day. It makes things easier.
Maybe they are harder to remember, but if you care about a brand, a shop, or a product, maybe you’ll be more interested in buying afterall.

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