there is no such thing as perfect knowledge

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable person. I know lots of things, but I also am aware that I’m absolutely ignorant about many topics.

I also analyze information slowly, so I suck at giving great fast answers. I need to think and evaluate the situations, if I don’t, I choose the wrong solution.

Even though I have this knowledge, there is still so much more you can learn, even from people that come from different contexts.

Today I was waiting in a hospital room, with some people that intentionally didn’t use a smartphone, and used an old clamshell phone. Which is fine, btw. But it comes obviously from a different context than mine.

With a little bit of pride I was about to think that I was somewhat more informed than them, when they started talking about privacy (in a very high level style, not going deep into the issues). They switched context and talked about callcenters. Right now in italy it’s quite common to get calls from unwanted companies, spam calls per se. And this man said “Never say yes, because they can use the yes as a confirmation. Even if they ask you if you are Name Surname, don’t say yes, say ‘please, continue’ , but not yes”.

I didn’t considered it, and it was enlightening to hear. 

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