jungle rules

I truly believe that we should all either survive to our problems or die by them.

I do try my best to help people around me, but in the end it’s clear that we should all take on our problems, face them, and fix our lives. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways. It’s just failing, trying again, until we succeed.

Some people make it, some other don’t and they get drowned by the consequences as if life is something we can’t manage.

Few weeks ago I was deeply saddened by an event, I was shocked and felt powerless in front of that situation. I still do have some scars left, yet today I remember that  few months ago, another problem that felt impossible to overcome was living in my mind.

Both problems will disappear in a couple of months, or maybe years. Who knows, in the end they’ll all become dust.

Once we fix one problem, we will get another one and this never-ending story won’t change.
The point is: they are not “problems”.

It’s life.

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