having more time won’t make a difference

Today a wonderful thing happened to me.
I did plan to work remotely mostly because early in the morning I needed to be visited by a doctor.
So I woke up, went to the doctor, got visited and got back home.

Since I had some spare time I bought couple of croissants for my wife and prepared her the breakfast.
We enjoyed a slow beautiful breakfast thanks to this extra time.
Then I realized I didn’t take my pc home to work remotely (my bad) and so I had to get back to the office and work from there.

Now, what’s the beauty here? I wondered: would have it been the same if I had the same time schedule? If I had that extra time each and every day, would I use it this way or would I simply sleep?

We’re busy, we like being busy, and we opt to choose all the actions to be busy again. We rarely opt to do the simple things, the one that don’t “accomplish” a task, a goal. The simple things like making a breakfast for your wife are things you won’t put into a list (and if you do, it’s creepy).

This is a reminder that our priorities might be a little bit wrong. We value too much our todo list and too less the beauty that we can create in life with the small, simple, useless, things.

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