looking at mars

These days mars is more red, luminous than ever. Probably because of the distance from earth.

We were lying on our bed, looking at the red planet, her body defined by the shy lights of the city, defining her borders in the night.

In days like this I wonder: Will we have the chance to remember this. Will I remember this moment? Is there a way I can fix it into my memories?

Hard to know. Many great moments pass by, many terrible moments are sculpted into our brain like there’s nothing more important.

But we wish, hope, that some moments might stay with us a longer period of time.
Those moments when we feel we’re grasping the beauty of it right in the middle, and not after years. Those moments where you realize that yes, this is where I want to be.

We should have more of these moments, more of the realizations that keep us present, living each and every instant of our life, focusing on one at a time, because that’s our life, and time, goes.

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