should we be useful?

There’s a gap in our mind.A gap between our expectations and reality, a gap that talks about the way we expect our place in the world to be.

A dear friend of mine talked to me about the fact that he feels useless in his daily job. I didn’t agree at all, knowing his efforts to make things better.

But yet he felt this, this gap, this sensation that we are powerless, useless in front of the situations we live in.

It’s a trick our minds prepare to us. Should we be useful? I think so, but the next question is: Are we able to understand our impact in the world?

My answer is yes, only if we listen to other people.
If we only listen to our mind we will always have a partial vision of what’s happening. We’ll leave out the details and fall for the trap.

Our impact in the world is defined by the response in the world, not by our ideas of it.

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