the first letter I wrote

My first love letter was handwritten. I wrote it to a girl I liked when I was a child. 
Each and every morning we would take the same train to get to school. She was blonde, beautiful.

I didn’t knew her, I didn’t knew where she was headed to, and I was shy.

I decided that writing and hiding a letter into her backback was the best way to go.
I hand wrote it and hid it into her backpack.

Days later I found a letter in my backpack.
I opened it, there she was, replying to me.
It didn’t go well, I was rejected.

Today I’m still shy, but in different things, although I would suspect that my approach wouldn’t change that much.
Today the importance of writing in my life is still the same, and it’s easy now to see that trajectory. Writing was key for me, it didn’t seem at that time but it’s crystal clear now that writing was a part of my life.

Trajectories are hard to predict. You can’t see them until you’re a bit far away, then they become clear.
Yet they’re obvious, the things you do without thinking, the things you do “naturally”, are the ones you should cultivate in life, either as passions or work.

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