it’s in the small things

Where does beauty and happiness lies?

Is it in the giant skyscraper that hides the rising sun? Is it in the bank account with many zeroes after a number, is it in the enormous park in front of a house?

Or is it in the small things, like two cleaners in a wedding suits shop, cleaning at 5am and making photos near the dresses?

Is it in the couple coming back from the club in the morning and asking for a coffee at the bar, talking kindly but slowly, gorgeously dressed with exquisite colors?

We, as people, are passing by so many stories, infinite lives around us, each own with their goals and dreams we are not part of, yet immensely big. We do this constantly. When we sit at the restaurant, wait for the train, ask for a drink. Around us the whole world moves with a unique rhythm, a music we are part of only as background but that is complex and detailed as our own.

Each story with its own glory, sadness, love and death.

Where is beauty and happiness after all, if not in the small space between those stories. The moment we stop for a second and we glance another universe in which we don’t belong, yet we feel so close to it.

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