less might be more

We’re obsessed by having more, owning more. Our cars, the number of the shirts in the closet, our shoes, the food we buy and then we throw away.

We accumulate products of any kind. Some of them will stay hidden in our homes for years befone getting thrown out (not even donated), others go into the trash can when they rot.

We’ve been taught this way. That we should have more, partly because of the though “If people see how poor your are, they’ll judge you”. So owning things is a status, and not owing them means you’re poor.

So we work more to buy more stuff we won’t use as much, owning things only to make a great impression to people and not because they enrich us thanks to their style or how they make us feel.

We work more, we stress more, we do more to have more. Again and again.

But what would happen if all of a sudden we realize that this fake-rich status isn’t what we really want? What would society be if we’d let go of the need for such low value status and go towards a more human, intimate judgement of how we are and which kind of value we take into the world?

Maybe we could all work less, have less, and still be happy.

Maybe we’ll be less stressed, need less clothes, waste less food and still have plenty of time, friends, relationships.
Hell yes, maybe we’ll even deepen our relationships thanks to more time and less stress.

Maybe we’ll learn to think twice before buying stuff and food. Maybe we’ll start buying only if we throw away something. Maybe we won’t fill up the fridge with food we’ll trash, maybe we’ll start valuing these things not based on the status they’ll give to us, but on the value they’ll take into our lives.

Not because we want to make a good impression, but because we value what they are.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll start thinkin about people in the same way.
Not weighting their status, their role, their posessions, but what kind of value they take into the world and into our lives.

A radical shift nonetheless, but a shift that’s not impossible to achieve.

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